Life of Nina Montgomery

My name is Nina Montgomery.  I am a ballet dancer.  I do not go to school.  Well, I guess I do, ballet school.  "Classical Ballet of Russia" is how it's translated.  I live in Russia, but can't speak a word of Russian.  I dance 9 hours a day, everyday.  No time for learning simple subjects like English, or Math.  We learned that untill we were 5.  Alot of it.  Except for me, because I'm from America.  They don't do things the same.

At the age of 4, my parents decided they wanted me to be a performer, a dancer.  They sent me here.  I think they lived in Michigan.  I don't know where they live now.

Our assistant, Antosha, practically taught me my schooling.  The other girls are alot smarter than me, considering they got three more years of schooling.  Some of them know English, so they can talk to me.

Antosha knows English, one of the only adults that do at school, beside directors Fabi and Inessa, that's why he was chosen to teach me.  We are very close, but I don't look at him as a father, I look at him as a teacher.  That's what he tells me to do.

My life is very hard.  Dancing 9 hours a day and only 1 hour off on Bockpecehbe, or Sunday.  This is how I live it.

The End

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