"Miss Pulinski, The Academy does not have the time or resources to investigate every claim of bullying brought forward. There are a lot of students here and we have more important issues to deal with."

"Sir, this isn't just some children calling each other names on the playground. My brother has been hospitalized!"

"Were you there when this fight broke out?"

"What? No, I came along just in time to save him. He could have been killed if Andrew and I hadn't showed up!"

"It's not so easy to kill a demon, Miss Pulinski. Your brother will be fine. Besides, as far as you and I know, he could have been the one that started the fight in the first place."

"What?! Cylo wouldn't hurt a fly! And it's Douglas McCauley we're talking about here, not a model student or a first time offender!"

"Just drop it, Marianne," Andrew said, from a position near the door to the Dean's office. It was the first time he had bothered to speak, and the other two occupants of the room stopped to listen to what he had to say, Marianne with morbid curiosity and Seth with something resembling veiled apprehension. "If he really cared, he could just have a telepath or empath interview Cylo. He's dragging his feet on purpose. He won't do anything about this."

"What?" Marianne turned to Seth. "Is this true? What's wrong with you?!"

Seth, who looked very troubled, said nothing.

"Come on, man," Andrew said, borderline taunting the Dean. "Why don't you tell her the real reason behind your paper-thin excuses?"

Seth sighed. "You're a very knowledgeable young man, Mr. Pulinski. We could use more Agents like you." Andrew didn't dignify this with a response, so the Dean went on. "Douglas McCauley's father is a very rich man. He gives very generously to the Academy. Not only would the Board of Directors fire me if I expelled that delinquent, but the contributions to our cause would instantly cease. We do a lot of good with that money. I'm sorry, but my hands are tied."

Marianne stared at the Dean, incredulous, and then looked to Andrew, who simply shrugged. "Fine. We'll take this into our own hands. We'll look out for Cylo ourselves, since you're no help. And next time Douglas tries something, we'll make sure he doesn't get away with it."

"Miss Pulinski, you know we don't condone vigilantism at the Academy. If you retaliate—"

"Well, maybe I'll just make a tidy donation to the Academy coffers, then," Marianne snapped. Seth looked like she had struck him. "Besides, I wouldn't stoop to that moron's level. I'm talking about hard evidence." Marianne turned on her heel and stormed out of the room.

Andrew watched her leave, and then approached Seth. For a man years younger than the Dean in appearance alone, Andrew gave off a surprisingly wise aura. "You better get your priorities straight, man," he said, his voice nearly a whisper. "You're supposed to be a role model." And with that, he followed Marianne out the door.

"Yeah," Seth muttered to himself when Andrew had gone. "I know..."

The End

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