Chapter Two

   The large ballroom smelled wonderful. Scents of wine, sweet chocolate tower cake, women's light spritz of perfume. Military men serenaded the room with lovely tunes, while people danced around the room. I sat at my own table, glass of red wine in my hand, but I had not drank any.

   I forgot what we were celebrating for. It's not like anything drastic has happened. Just cleared out about fifty percent of the Jews from the hood and threw them in camps. Same thing that happens every week.

   But that woman, Sapphira, she would not escape my thoughts. She made my heart flutter, but I didn't know how. And it frustrated me.

   A young blonde woman, who looked about twenty-something, walked over to me and held out her hand. "Would you like to dance with me?"

   I smile and shake my head, "I'm not much of a dancer." She smiles and nods, then walks away slowly, offering her hand to another man whose face I'm not familiar with. I watched as she twirled around with him in synchronization with all of the other dancing couples. A small pit of loneliness formed in my heart, but I ignored it.

   A man walked up on the small stage in the far back side of the pearly white ballroom, clutching a piece of paper in his hands. "Please, could I have everyone's attention?" Everyone stopped dancing, and turned their attention to him. He cleared his throat, "Ahem. Yes, I have a great announcement to make. We have a man who will be upgraded to be a guard at the camps," the man smiles, looking around the room as if to excite the crowd more, "And that man is in this room."

   Everyone in the room gasps in excitement and looks around at each other. The man goes on, "And that man is..." He pauses dramatically. I sit up straight in my seat. "... Axel Färber!"

   Clapping filled the room. I was genuinely surprised. But, I stood and began to walk towards the stage nervously, with everyone staring at me.

The End

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