The Beginning of The End

Short introduction draft, in working progress. Would like to elaborate further. Feel free to leave feedback below. All feedback is appreciated.

My very earliest memory is light.

My mother would tell me, as an infant, I would look into the light hanging from the ceiling, point at it and say “light”. Many fathers encourage their children to say 'dada'. Many mothers encourage their children to say 'mama'.

It must have intrigued me.
That was my first word.

I was born on an island, 30 years after the nuclear war. I have been told of childbirth & life threatening labour complications. My mother received excessive blood loss, and that I was born 'upside down'. My mother worked hard. I suspect they didn't have ultrasound images, and the doctor must have had to improvise on the spot. With umbilical cords wrapped around my neck. Green & blue.

This was the first time I encountered Death.

The End

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