Chapter 2

Three Months Later

Oceane woke up after only four hours of sleep. Someone's foot was on her face and she was sleeping on the floor, with no blanket or pillow. She sat up as carefully as possible so that the ones around her wouldn't wake up with her stir, and she noticed that her pillow and blanket had been "stolen" by one of the girls in the middle of deep slubmer. Her three friends laid on the floor snoring away peacefully.

The alarm clock on Oceane's night stand read 9 am, which was way too early in her point of view. It was Saturday and they had all gone to sleep at around 5:30 in the morning. Making her way through the bodies, Oceane climbed up to her bed and snuggled under her un touched blankets. She couldn't believe she had gotten used to the human's way of life so quickly, and had even made friends. None of them knew of her real identity yet, but no one was supposed to anyways. Oceane was living by herself in an apartment building, faking that her parents worked too much and were almost never at home. In reality she had never met her real mother and her father was back in Mardia. She worried about her kingdom from time to time, and her father's health as well, but she had to carry on with her mission.

A small object laying by her alarm clock vibrated against the wood, bringing Oceane back from her pool of thoughts. She had recieved a text from an unknown number asking for some answers from the chemistry homework she was to finish for Monday. Even though the sender hadn't revealed its identity, Oceane already knew who it was. She couldn't help but silently laugh to herself as she replied the text with a few words.

"And the hunt begins, Jonah."

The End

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