Chapter 1

"Princess Oceane, I have been waiting for you."

Swiftair, was right in front of her chamber entrance. He had been waiting for her since she had fled to see her Father ten minutes earlier, and had waited at the same spot were she left him.

"We have to go now."

Oceane nodded and followed Swiftair as he swam in front of her. His short, black hair had a red starfish tangled close to his left ear, indicating authority, Oceane herself had a golden one, indicating royalty. His brown scales weren't as healthy as her own, but that was because of his age and all the fighting he had done.

They had already exited her home, adn were swimming to a specific current. It was going to take them a few days to get to their destination, but it was fine with her. As they were being carried by the current, Swiftair began explaining her mission.

"You are to find a husband by the time you reach the age of twenty. He must be loyal and strong. Honest and dutyfull. He must be strong of will and body, and he must be able to survive the transformation process. Pure of spirit, pure of mind, pure of soul. Those are the greatest requirements. You must not tell anyone of your identity, nor must you show yourself to anyone in your merrow form, and if anyone does see you, you must immediatly erase their memory with the required song."

"I understand." She already knew all of this, since her mother herself was a human. But her mother was never able to be changed and brought to were the kingdom is located. Even if she was able, Oceane knew that Queen Polaris would never allow it.

"Oceane, are you listening to me?"

"Yes, General Swiftair."

"You must have a stretch period, were your tail will be able to move around freely. That means an hour every ten days. If you don't do this, your body will suffocate slowly and painfully, and by the third day of not doing your strectch, your body will shut down and go back to it's merrow form. So you must be careful."

She couldn't care less about such small details. So she proceeded to ignore the general and instead opted to play with the marine turtles who were using the same current Oceane and Swiftair were riding. They were not the funnest companions, but they were interesting. With their ancient minds and old memories Oceane could drown herself in knowledge.

I just wish I will be able to do this while on land as well.

The End

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