Life of a Teenage Mermaid Princess

Oceane was sent to land by her father, Kind Astros, to find a suitable husband for her to marry. The problem? She is 17 and has never been on land before. Will she ever be able to find someone loyal enough to keep her secret and her kingdom's secret? Or will she go back to Mardia empty handed?


Oceane swam as fast as she could, water slidding from her thin body, and her tail giving strong and fast strokes. Adrenaline was being pumped through every inch of her body, and if she could perspire, she would be covered in cold sweat. There were many halls in their home, which Oceane was starting to hate. They were slowing her down.

She took a sharp left, then a right. Emerald walls passed by her, jewels covered them. Her black scales reflected the light they emanated, making her seem like a blur of light swimming by. Finally, she reached her father's chamber.

"Father." Oceane breathed heavely. Her hair was floating all around her, her tail behind her.

He was floating in the middle of the chamber, tail curled to the front, scales pale. Although he was very sick, it wasn't something to worry about. No, what Oceane was so aggitated from was the orders she recieved from her father's first in command general.

"Oceane, I supposed you got my message."

"Yes, I did, but why? Why me? Why not one of my sisters or brothers?"

Her father gave her a tender smile, and gestured with his hand for her to come closer.

"You have a tender heart, and strong determination. I trust you, and only you, to do this." He stroke her cheek gently and moved a floating strand of hair from her face. "And this way, you won't be stuck with someone the kingdom chooses." Her father smiled, and retrieved his hand. His long silver hair was tied back with algea, and his crown was still placed at the top of his head. His silver scales, more gray than anything, shone, and his blue eyes smiled at her.

"How will I do this Father? How can I?"

"You will be taken there by Swiftair, and will be changed by Weary. They will finish giving you your instructions. Now go, I have to rest."

The king closed his tired eyes, and went into deep sleep, leaving Oceane in the virge of unsheadable tears.

"Father." She leaned in and kissed his hollowing cheek, and swam off to her own chambers, were General Swiftair was waiting for her.

The End

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