Read My Mind

Standing before Jasper was the prettiest girl she'd ever seen. The girl looked around 15 and had long blonde hair tied in a pony tail, and wore a white uniform. A beautiful Pokemon sat lightly at her heel.

"Whatever were you thinking?" The girl said as if her mistake was plain in view.

Jasper looked at the ground. "I-I don't know..."

The magenta shaded Pokemon raised its glowing gaze to stare right through her. Jasper shivered, and the jewel on its forehead glowed fairly. It titled its head. "Esp-espeon?"

She took a small step back, and raised her wide eyes to stare at the trainer in white. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise what I was doing wrong."

"There are wild Pokemon in the long grass! You could get attacked, or hurt." The girl said dryly.

Jasper gasped and reached to touch her pack, where the egg case was zipped inside. Her heart began to shudder. She looked back at the Pokemon who was staring at her bag, and slowly it began to glow blue, and bag lifted off Jasper's shoulder, and floated to land beside it.

"Hey, give that back!" She burst out, staggering forward.

The girl put out a hand to stop her. "My Espeon, Dawn, has found something. We do patrols. It's our job to stop criminals. Let her search the bag."

Jasper uncomfortably stood aside, watching the purple Pokemon dig through her belongings. It stopped at the glass case as it rolled into view.

"Espeon." It said plainly.

"Just an egg, hmph." The girl smiled and shook Jasper's hand. "I'm Chloe."

The Espeon sniffed the case, then hopped back towards its trainer. Jasper glanced at them both, shaking. She gathered up her things, then turned away. /These two are mad, what exactly are they planning?/

"I'm part of Team Morning. And I plan to keep this place safe."

Jasper whipped around, frowning. "I didn't say that outloud!"

"We specialise in physic pokemon. My Espeon just told me your thoughts."

"Invasion of my privacy..." She muttered.

Chloe strode towards her and grabbed her arm. "There are many paths in the forest. Only one route leads to the next town. Let me take you." Her eyes held a darker reason for offering.

Jasper stared at her, feeling her cold grasp on her skin. One look and she knew that no wasn't an answer. "Yeah, sure."

The End

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