Jasper felt like she was flying from the speed that her new running shoes gave her. She smiled and gripped her egg case, speeding down the path, her black hair waving in the wind like a flag.

Wingull circled endlessly in the sky, their hungry gazes on her. She steadied back into a walk through the market place, staring at the cobblestone street she was walking down. I can't believe it. One moment I'm busting to see Professor Maple, and then Dad gives me this... I need to find a better way to thank him.

She looked up with astonishment as someone started running in her direction, eyes burning like a blue fire. It was boy around her age, maybe older, a Pokeball in his hand. He waved to her, and she took a step back.

"I don't want a Pokemon battle!" Jasper exclaimed, scared that there was no backing out.

The boy skid to a halt a hair's breadth away from her and started laughing, making her recoil at his warm breath. "Battle? I wouldn't dream taking on a rookie!"

Her eyes strained to the Pokeball in his hand. "You're a trainer?"

"I am indeed!" He said with a grin that made his eyes screw up. "I'm Caeser, Professor Maple's nephew."

Jasper felt like staggering back. This was the Pokemon Professors son? She felt flushed with embarrasment. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Jasper, I was just going to see the Prof."

Caeser ran a hand through his silver hair. "I'm picking up a package for my aunty. You go on ahead."

She nodded hurriedly, unsure of what to say or do next. She clutched the egg case tighter, hoping he wouldn't comment on it. Luckily, he just smiled again, then sprinted to the PokeMart.

"See ya!" He said, disappearing through the automatic doors.

Jasper stood there with trembling legs. Wow. He was really happy. She dusted her lap and put the case in her pack, zipping it up. She thought about going into the PokeMart and buying something. Then she glanced at a trainer's cafe, then at the path. She wanted to get straight to her journey.

She turned and kept walking, her hopes rising again. She wanted to be as enthusiastic as Caeser, that way she could be the best Pokemon trainer there was. She walked out of the town square, staring at where the path faded into a grass, and a shadow cast over the entrance to the forest.

As she took tenative steps through the trees, she remembered one of her mother's sayings. Don't move forward, move skyward! Jasper smiled and burst out into the murky light of the forest, heart leaping. Thats what she would do. Not only would she follow the path to victory, but she'd aim high.

She began to take a step into the wild grass, when a voice made her leap back. "Stop, its dangerous!"

The End

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