Life of a Pokemon Trainer!

Jasper has the once in a lifetime opportunity, and she grabs it with eager hands. But it comes with challenges of its own, and its up to her to rise up.
There are two teams now, who are trying to use Pokemon for the right thing, but they are both failing. Team Morning and Team Night, using their Dark and Physcic Pokemon against eachother, going beyond making eachothers Pokemon faint. Its now up to Jasper to make a difference.

Bead of sweat gathered on Jasper's temple. She swept them away with the brush her her hand. She tied her shoe laces and stuck her legs out to admire her new shoes. She put the lid back on the box, looking up at her mother.

"You really didn't have to." She said.

Her mother stared back with worn, auburn eyes. "Honey, you are about to go out on a great adventure. The Pokemon world is changing. So hurry along," She hugged her daughter warmly. "Professor Maple awaits you in SilverLeaf Town. Your father also wanted to see you. He's down at the centre, pop it before you leave."

Jasper smiled widely and swung her bag over her shoulder. "I wouldn't dream of leaving without saying goodbye." And with that she disappeared through the door, and into the light of the outside world.

The day was golden, but the clouds were overcast, looming over the Route that seperated her hometown of Azure City, from SilverLeaf Town, where the Pokemon Professor based her work.

Beside the docks, set on a grassy ridge out of an old windmill, was her fathers work. The Pokemon Breeders. She walked in the open door, greeting the air conditioning that licked at her face.

"I'm here!" She called out, taking a few steps, ears listening to the constant bat of the mill churning.

A man with a large grin, cheerful face, and square chin, walked out of the back room, stirring a poffin batter in the bowl in his arms. "Jasper!"

She greeted her father, and watched him set the mixing bowl down and walk around the circular room, running his fingers along the shelving until he came to an egg case that made his eyes shine. He picked it up gently and passed it to her, and she caught its weight in her arms, surprised by his sudden offer.

"You will need a Pokemon to protect you on your journey. I phoned Professor Maple, and she said that it would be a great challenge for you to have this Pokemon for your adventure. If you train it right, you can become the best trainer alongside those who had normal starters."

All she could manage was a thanks, staring at the smokey brown egg, at the white zig zag across its middle. Is it a Zigzagoon? She wondered, pressing her fingertips to the warm glass.

"Quickly, Jasper," Her father herded her to the door. "The more you travel with it, the sooner you will see what I have given you." He placed a satchel of coins on top of the egg case. "Its only small, but it will help you and your Pokemon survive."

"Thank you!" She shouted, juggling the case and her money in an effort to wave as she walked back down the path, heart racing like a galloping Rapidash.

This was it. This was the beginning of her Pokemon adventure!

The End

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