Life of a borderman

The life of the typical borderman. A person who own loyalty not to one nation, but to two or more. Dificult life

I was born in the metropolitan area of Paso Del Norte. This area is surrounded by two land marks the Chihuahua desert and the Guadalupe mountains. Thus creating a dramatic landscape few outsiders can bare. The two main cities are built in the central plateau and the adjacent cities in the surrounding hills. The city count sums to 10 in the area, but we normally call each other either El Pasonian or Juarense. severe mistrust divides this metropolitan area in two the Mexican side and the American side. luckily and unfortunately I was born in the American side to Mexican parents that wanted for I to have a better future.  Thus my torment and gift began at the point of birth. The main mistrust that is held in this metropolitan area is the distribution of wealth. The US is more richer and Mexico poorer causing Mexicans to resent on their American neighbors that are if anything all Latinos just like their brethren in Mexico.

My parents would no chose to live in the US, making my childhood possible in Juarez. Living there, but studying in religious school in El Paso. The nuns knew my story very well, they also knew that my story was the same as 80% of all their students whom suffer from the same hardship, A divided heart. You see, in Mexico people have a bad mind about Americans as if all are lazy, loud, and stupid. The tell me that Americans shall be held accountable for all their misdemeanors in Juarez. The same happens with my American friends whom think of Mexicans as lazy people who all they want is welfare. To some extent both are correct, but my American friends never found out I lived in Mexico. And my Mexican brethren never found out I was an American. This made thing bad because I owed allegiance to two nations My Mexican past, and my American Nationality.

In parties or social gathering in either side of the Metropolitan area stinging reports are given against both nations, making the gap larger. To make matters worse the Americans are the owners of the maquiladoras (Mexican term for assembling factory) thus making the American seem greedy. Then you see many Latinos asking for welfare in the WIC lines in El Paso.

Where do we stand, The borderman, we are the hard workers because we have nothing to depend on. We are the traitors for both nations the Mexicans call us Gringos and the Americans call us beaners. We even got our nickname sorted out Gringo frijolero (gringo is a slang term for American normally used offensive, And frijolero means beaner) So we work hard for our Mexican family's and work hard for our American economy, what do we get out of it insults, spits, and close doors.

We are discriminate in both nations because of our likes, our interests, and desires. Not Mexican enough or American enough. What can we do about it, pretend nothing happened.

We all suffer the consequences of this mistrust between nations, we are the cursed and gifted we are the Bordermen of the US-Mexico borderlands

The End

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