It's Gone.Mature

I got back from the shop nearly an hour later. It wasn't that far away, but I was enjoying being away from the hospital. It was starting to get dark when I finally returned to my room. Maybe that explains why I didn't notice at first. Actually, it took me nearly ten minutes.

When I first walked in to my room, the first thing I did was turn on the lights.  The second thing I did was turn on the TV, and then the laptop, and then the ceiling fan. The central heating had been on full blast all day. Oh dear, I'm not very eco friendly, am I? Anyway, I logged on to check my Protag, and saw I had no particularly interesting notifications. How suckish. So, I decided to write some poetry in my leather bound notebook. 

THAT is how I ended up at my desk. And that is how I ended up noticing. It was gone. My letter to my mum, the letter where I declared my true feelings for Jake, it was GONE.


The End

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