A Letter.Mature

Was there really any need to be so rude? There was a loud beeping noise and all of a sudden, Jake was running away. I tried to follow, but he was too fast. What the hell? His behaviour was still freaking me out... but atleast we were sorta friends now. Kind of. 
I sighed and looked in the direction that he had ran. No sign. So I just decided to head back to my room.  I at least had a laptop now, so I could check on my Protag account and stuff :) They'd told mum I was in a boarding school that Dad paid for before he died, aparantly. Whether or not she believed it may or may not have been another matter, knowing my mother. I decided to write her a letter. If only she would of got an email account like I said.

Hey Mum,
                     It's Kelsey. Sorry you didn't hear from me sooner, I've just been so busy. School is kind of different, and hard to get used to. It's a private school, so most people here are really gifted. 

I stopped writing and sighed. I was telling the truth as much as I could without telling her where I really was.

Lessons are hard, but I think I'm getting the hang of them. Isha is here, and I hit her for being a bitch. Sorry, I know violence is bad... the headmaster told me so too. But she deserved it, and even HE agreed with that. I know what you're thinking right now, reading this. You're thinking: So, are there any boys? And yes mum, there are boys. This isn't an all girls school. But in answer to what you REALLY mean... yes. There is one guy who I think I kind of like.

His name is Jake. He's my mentor, so to speak. But we're very different and I don't think he feels the same. We're pretty different, in a lot of ways. I guess I'll find out soon enough. I mean, I'm not PLANNING on him knowing I like him, but it's kind of inevitable. 

I laughed as I wrote this. Him and that damn telepathy! 

Sorry, but they don't allow return mail here, it's a breach of security they say. I know, it's kind of crazy. So reply to my post office box, you know, the one Nana set up for me when I was younger? I have changed it so that when anything turns up, the school will be notified and then I'll get it picked up.  Talk to you soon,
I love you.



I finished writing and then I placed my finished letter on the desk. I needed envelopes, and a stamp. Rather than taking the letter with me to the shop, I left it where it was. I'd missed last post collection that day, because it was a Sunday, so I would have to post it the next day.  I grabbed a coat and some shoes and headed, for the first time since my being turned, off site to the shop. 

The End

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