So basically, boss man called me in so I could report to him on my training and all that shizz.

"Kelsey." he said.  "how is your training going?"

So I told him all about my awesomme ninja skills, and my side kick that I'd practically perfected. I was so proud of myself. Then he scowled at me. Uh oh.

"We do not approve of unnecessary violence here, Kelsey." He told me.  I wondered where this was heading. I hadn't been violent... oh. He laughed at me. Damn telepathy! "Luckily for you, Jake has verified that Isha quite deserved that bloody nose. But, seriously, keep fighting to a minimum, okay?" I'd nodded. "Thank you Kelsey. You may leave."

And that was IT. Wow, well that was pointless. I walked down the corridor, and back outside again. If you're thinking: wow, she spends a lot of time out there! Please remember... I HATE HOSPITALS!
 Leaning against a tree, aparently doing nothing, was Jake.

I walked up to him. "Hey, what 'cha doing?" He jumped as though snapping out of a daydream.
"Nothing." he replied, looking shifty.
"Nothing? You must be doing something." I teased, look around as though to look for clues of his activity.
"I was waiting." he said, and with that, he walked off.

Waiting? Waiting for what?

The End

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