He took my side. Why? Isha seemed to think the same. She stormed off in a hissy fit as usual, a small amount of blood trickling from her nose. Woops.

I can't believe she'd insult my dad to my face like that. Why? Why would her father of worked here if that was the case? I don't get it.

I thought to myself and felt a tear trickle down my face. I wiped it away absent mindedly.

I hate fake people. The world, it's full of them; people like Isha. They get to live, and yet my Dad, he didn't. Why?

"Kelsey, are you okay?" The presence of Jakes hand on my shoulder and the sound of his voice brought me back to reality. A tingle shiverred throughout my body. I snapped my head up and looked at him.  I think I saw genuine compassion in his eyes.  I didn't want to look weak in front of him, but he was worried, it was kind of sweet. For a moment, I softened and tried to smile.

Then I remembered what I was about to say. 
"What the hell was that?! Why? Why pick me?"
He opened his mouth to answer, and I hoped, for his sake, that he had a good answer for why he was messing with my head like he was.

The End

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