Youch Cat fightMature

I stare shocked as Kelsey hits Isha. Oh crap, I'm gonna be blamed for this.

"You fake bitch" Kelsey hiss. Isha looks at her then slaps her.

I run up to them and push them apart. "Cut it out" I shout at them looking at them individually.

My eyes rest on Kelsey and I frown. She looks taken aback and I turn to Isha furious.

"Isha" I hiss through my teeth. "Get to the lab"

She stares at me shocked.

"You're taking her side" she shouts at me. "After what we shared"

I feel Kelsey flinch. "A kiss, can mean many things" I hiss at her. She gasps then runs off crying down the corridor. I turn to face Kelsey and see her shock.

The End

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