Long time, no see.Mature

"Kelsey!" I heard Isha's incredibly fake voice float over from behind me. I turned round and plastered an equally fake smile to my face. 
"Isha" I return the hug she pulled me in to, the when she least expected it, smacked her round the back of the head. Ha!
"Let's drop the shit Isha. You hate me, and your father hated mine. So why the hell were your family even working here?"
The grin slipped  from her face, sharp-ish, and she scowled at me, fixing her hair.

"There's a reason we hated him- your father.  Look at what he had here; all the power. Imagine what he could of done. Yet no, he was all for protecting the innocents. Your father was a good for nothing, worthless piece of..."  I remembered what Jake had told me and concentrated hard. I cut her off there and threw my fist foward in to her face.

I heard a crunch and I was pretty sure I'd broken her nose. Well, she deserved it. What's all this talk of protecting  innocents anyway? I'd be watching her. 

The End

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