It's NOT jelousy.Mature

The next morning, I was on my way to find some breakfast, when I saw Jake in a corridor. I was about to step forward and say hi when I spotted her.  She stood about 5'4 and had long blond hair and typical blue eyes. blerrggh! What a Betty Sue. "Hi Jake" she said standing way to close for comfort - my comfort that is-  fluttering  her eyelashes and peering up at him.  I cringed inwardly as they kissed. What is he thinking?! I thought to myself. I had a bad feeling about this girl. They suddenly stopped kissing, and he began to look around. I darted away as fast as humanly possible. Okay okay, maybe even a little FASTER than humanly possible.

When I got back to my room, I pondered over what I'd seen of blondylocks. That's what I decided to call her. I'd seen her somewhere before, I was sure of it. I lay on the bed and sighed, staring at the ceiling. And suddenly, it all came back to me. I was about six years old, and a little girl had just moved in next door. Isha, she was called. She was the prettiest little child, with gorgeous brown hair and lovely blue eyes.I thought we were friends for a while, we played together in the park. But our parents didn't get along. Her father hated mine, and tried to stop us playing together. When I asked later on, daddy said he was just a rival at work. Eventually, Isha stopped playing with me, she said she hated me. She stayed in my school up until eight, trying to turn everyone against me, and my dad. Then, suddenly one day she left.

Even now, after all those years, I recognised her face, and her eyes. So innocent looking. But she was not as pure as she looked. Even the blonde hair wasn't fooling me. What the hell was she doing here?!

The End

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