I hear light footsteps and turn to face Isha.

"Hi Jake" she says walking up to stand an inch from me. I feel my heart race and I can't help but feel nervous. Her hair is long and blond, her eyes ocean blue, then her figure is not thin but not fat either.

"Hi Isha" I mutter. She smiles and steps closer. I lean down and kiss her.

Her arms wrap round me neck and I place my hands either side of her waist. But while the kiss is pure heaven, I can't help shake the feeling we're being watched.

It's not Heather, not boss man...... Kelsey. I pull away from Isha and look around trying to find her. But I know she's already gone.

"What's the matter?" Isha asks pouting a bit angrily. I open my mouth then close it shaking my head. Best not tell her, she smiles and kisses me again but this time I'm just not into it.

The End

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