"We need to flipping tell her" I shout slamming my hands down on the table. "We can't just train her and not tell her the reason"

"Calm, Jake" The boss man says still seated the same way. Arms folded and leant back.

"You know why Jake" Heather says putting a hand on my shoulder. I growl in anger then storm out of the room.

I don't know why I'm getting so stressed. I just feel angry that the boss man won't let Kelsey in.

Won't reveal who killed her dad and what we do. I sigh and hear footstep down the hall. I step against the wall into the shadows and watch Kelsey walk passed.

Her face looks pissed off and her hold body language says it to. I know their keeping something from me. I watch her carry of down the hallway shock.

That's just like her father that instinct the told him when we'd messed in the lab or done something naughty.

I chuckle at the fun me and Heather had. But now we're grown up now we have to start working.

The End

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