I watch Kelsey come out. My eyebrows furrow in confusion. Then she hits the ground hard.

I burst out laughing and fall out of the tree but still continue to laugh. I sit up and see Kelsey glaring at me. I stop laughing and jump to my feet.

"Why are you up so late?" She asks, the word freak popping up in her memory.

"I don't sleep, I meditate. Garden's calmest place to do it" I say shrugging.

Ha, yeah now he doesn't sleep, I shake my head smiling. "Get out of my head" she hisses.

"Why'd you hate me so much?" I ask tilting my head. She scoffs. "Turn round"

She looks at me like I'm crazy. I point a figure in the air doing a circle. She turns round and I walk up behind her.

"Relax, the shoulders" I say pressing them down. Uhh, I so gonna regret this. I chuckle. "Close your eyes"

I press my body up against hers. She tries to step away but I grabs her wrists. "Uhh, please-"

"Shh, Hands up" I say putting them in a boxing stance and let go. "Let back" I say in her ear.

I step away and her almost sighs of loss. "Now consentrate on your foot" I move to watch her from the side.

"Kick" I shout. She snaps her leg up in a perfect high side kick. She stares shocked as she lands her foot on the ground. I smile then begin to walk of. "You need to rest" I shout back at her and return to the tree I was sitting in.

I see her look at me then return back inside. I sigh and rest back against the tree.

The End

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