Careful what you think.Mature

So not only are these people freakishly fast, strong and clever... but they can read your minds too. Talk about careful what you say think. A day and a half had passed, and it was late that night, well the next morning actually. I'd been laying in my bed, reflecting on all that I had learned.

Yet it had only just suddenly occurred to me: "why don't I have these crazy awesomme ninja skills?! I want them."  So I went outside, to practise.  I was no longer locked in my room, so this was quite easy to do. 

It was sorta dark outside, but that was fine, because THAT was one mad skill I did have. Suddenly my eyesight was AMAZING.  I stood there, in the hospital courtyard and tried to remember what Heather had said. That you have to focus your energy on the part of your body you wanted to use. I'm not 100% sure of what she meant by that, but I should imagine, that it's kind of like learning to focus your chakra. Oh my god! I AM a ninja! Sorry.

So anyway, there I stood; focussing all my energy to my feet. I felt a weird tingly feeling surge throughout the bottom of my legs. Yes! I was going to do it, I knew it! I lifted my leg and threw by body forward, with all the effort I could. Except, my legs stayed rooted firmly to the floor. BAM! Shortly joined by my face. Ouch. 

I heard laughter. Oh great. Here comes freak boy. Wait, why's he out alone at this time of day?!?!

The End

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