Dude! Nobody told me they were psychic!Mature

What the hell? Is all I can say. And he knows what I'm thinking HOW? Now he says that...


"Kelsey. I see you have awoken."  He addressed me in a calm manner.No shit sherlock, I'm awake, nice of you to notice, fancy filling me in on why I'm here? Or where exactly 'here' is? I thought to myself.  Not to mention why on Earth my eyes were suddenly blood red! I needed some answers here! The man standing in front of me chuckled. Why was he laughing at me? What did I do?! I must of pulled a funny face. 

***end of flashback***

Why didn't notice before?! Not only was I being trained by freak, but psychic one at that! Okay, so I nothing against this superhuman-ness... just him. Heather is fine. Just thought I outta let you know, I'm not prejudice or stuff. Just don't like him.  Ha! I hope he heard that.

Uh Oh. I just realised. Does this mean that they hear EVERYTHING that i think, because if so...


The End

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