Happy meals, exercise and baby blue eyesMature

Did I mention to you that SIZE is a rather big issue in my life? downSIZE, exerSIZE (admittedly spelt wrong :P) and GCSE biteSIZE... all things that I hate with a passion, and I mean it.

So it turns out that Jake's idea of downsize is considerably smaller portions and ridiculously stupid rules, just for a start, so he says. So this means that I am aparantly limited to the equivalent of a McDonald's happy meal whilst eating out... and am to walk everywhere, unless it is more than 3 miles away. Then I am permitted to use buses. Like, really?  I've also been set an exercise regime.
"A healthy body is the way to a healthy mind." says freak boy. Honestly, I really don't like him. At ALL.

So here I am, running around the grounds of this private 'hospital', which turns out to be some sort of government funded lab for human guinea pigs. Great, just great. I feel like I'm in some sort of military camp, and that the worst is yet to come.  Thank god for Ipods, and for A Rocket To The Moon. Thank god for Baby Blue Eyes, which admittedly is on repeat, as I think it is the only thing which is going to be keeping me sane on this ridiculously long run.

Did I mention that I hate him?

The End

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