Why did you leave me?Mature

It took me a while to drift to sleep that evening. Atleast, my watch said it was evening, after they left. Those crazy nutjobs who told me I was immortal. Seriously, was this a mental hospital or something? Were they escaped patients? That was one of my last thoughts as I finally dozed off.

In my dream, I was running through a field, the cool summer wind blowing through my five year old hair. I was giggling and having fun, me and dad, playing tag at a play park relatively close to our old house. We played like that for what seemed like eternity, and it was as though I was no longer involved, but rather just spectating. From a distance I watched my former self disappear and my father turn and start towards me. I could see that he had aged slightly from when I last saw him- that fateful day last January.

The weather had been cold all week and the driving conditions were treacherous. My mum had begged him not to go out that day; to stay home, be safe. But he had insisted on going in to work. That he had someone important to see to. He never made it to work. His car slid at a roundabout, and a truck went straight in to the side  of his BMW. They said it was instant, that he wouldn't of felt anything. I still missed him so much. 

"Kelsey." he said and stepped closer enveloped me in a hug. He was suprisingly warm and I felt a tear roll down my cheek.
"Dad." I looked at him. He still looked the same really. His hair had greyed a little, and his sea blue eyes were more crinkled, but he still looked just like my dad.
"Daddy." A sob escaped my lips. "I miss you. Why did you have to leave? Why?!" He sighed and looked at me, regret in his eyes. "You've met Jonah now, you understand that my real job wasn't an office clerk yes?" I was confused. Jonah? Oh, he must be the boss man who introduced me to freak boy AKA Jake earlier right?I nodded. "In university, I studied biochemistry with a passion. It fascinated me in so many ways. During my experiments in my lab there, I discovered something amazing.  A chemical which, when fed to rats, significantly increased their lifespan. I had a pet rat at the time, which I also tested this chemical on. His name was Buddy." I gasped. Buddy, the same rat my mum still had?! He nodded at me, knowing what I was thinking.

"I spent the rest of my life developing that chemical, in secret. I felt that  I had the responsibility as a scientist to not let this be used as some sort of weapon, yet I was full of curiosity,  I wanted to see how far I could push my discovery. Then, 12 years ago, I finally stumbled upon the gift of immortality. When human blood was infused with this concoction, they became super everything. Super-human, so to speak. They became virtually invincible.  But this discovery came at a price. Some humans, their bodies rejected the change. Those people died Kelsey." I saw the sorrow in his eyes.  
"It's why I never changed you. Never changed myself. But Jonah saw you dying before, and he felt he had to try. He made a promise Kelsey, that if I ever died, he'd watch out for you. Only two children had ever survived the change before... and that was the twins. I believe you've met Jake?" Ohh, freak boy. Of course. "Him and his sister, their blood was infused before birth. There was only meant to be one child though..." He gazed off into the distance.

"Trust them Kelsey, and train hard. You need to learn to control your power. Learn to embrace it. " I looked him in the eye and nodded. "Now, darling, I have to go. It's time for you to wake up." My eyes darted to his face again.
"No, you can't go, we've only just got here!" I faltered. He rested his hand on my shoulder.
"It is time sweetheart. Remember, I'm always here. Just look hard enough, and I'll be there. I love you. Make me proud." He enveloped me in one last hug and began to walk away. I felt the tears start again, as his figure started to disappear in to the distance.
"I'll miss you Dad." I whispered. I felt myself fading too, and I vaguely become aware of voices talking.

"She's waking up" I heard one say. 

The End

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