I storm down the hallway carrying the tray of soup and water. I stop at the one way glass and see the boss is already there.

So he's explaining it then. The fact she's now immortal, the fact her father didn't work for a small company called Ross Co. but was the one to discover how to turn people immortal.

The fact that now she would not be able to live at home cause of her new found strength, speed and intelligence.

Not that any of it would be useful if she didn't down size. I sigh and open the door. The boss looks up.

"Ahh " He says standing. "Let me introduce Jake, he's the one who accidently hit you"

I see Kelsey staring at my eyes shocked. I walk over and place the tray on her lap.

"Are you?" She mutters.

"The first" I say stepping back to rest against the wall.

"Jake here will be in charge of your training" the boss explains. I smile and tilt my head to the side watching her nearly faint.

"Right" the boss says jesturing for me to leave ahead of him. "Get some sleep Kelsey"

I exit and the boss closes the door. I look through the window at her.

"You really sure?" I ask watching her tuck her self under the covers.

"Yes, Jake. I promise her father I would look after if he died" the boss mutters also staring at Kelsey.

The End

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