He did what?! Not just a normal recovery.Mature

I climbed out of my bed and decided to go looking for mum. I mean, I wasn't attatched to anything, minus a heart rate monitor, and I could easily unhook that.  No doctors had told me to stay where I was, so I couldn't see any reason for why I shouldn't wander. Actualy, I hadn't seen any hospital staff at all. Maybe they thought I was sleeping. 

I walked the few metres from my bed to the door of my room. What I didn't understand was why I had been put in isolation to start with, I obviously wasn't that ill, and yet it appeared that I was in some sort of quarentine. Maybe mum would have some answers for me. She was probably getting coffee, if she was here at all, so that's where I headed to. Or, at least, tried to head to.

I tried to open the door and discovered that it wouldn't budge. I tried again, and failed miserably. It was locked. Who the hell looks their patients in their rooms?! Did I mention my hatred of hospitals? This really wasn't helping.
"Mum!" I shouted. I don't know why I shouted. Why would she hear me? But none the less, shouting made me feel a little better. For a moment. Then, I started to panic. How was I going to get out? Would I be locked in this small room forever? What if some evil scientists wanted to experiment on me? I was too young to die!

Okay, so I may have been over reacting, but you've got to understand, I was alone, in my least favourite place in the WORLD, with what appeared to be selective amnesia. I noticed on the far wall, next to the door, there was a long rectangular mirror reaching from one end of the room to the other. Way to make a patient feel bad- much? Looking in it I realised that my hair stuck up in all directions, and was considerably dark than usual, it looked almost black. This didn't really fuss me, maybe I had been in a coma or something, it's quite common for hair colour to change, did you know? Or maybe it was just the lighting.  I also noticed for the first time that I was in a pair of PJs. Not my PJs, but a pair none the less. However, it was neither of these rather insignificant details that caught my eye. It was, in fact my eyes. My eyes were red, and I don't just mean blood shot. I mean, my eyes, the one thing of me I've always actually liked were no longer their usual green colour. They weren't even the occasional shades of blue or grey that they sometimes went to- they were blood red.

I screamed. Loud. As I did so, the door opened. Talk about perfect timing. My breath was ragged and I was panicking even more so than before. Where was I, and what on Earth had they done to me? Who was they? Stood in front of me was a man who appeared to be in his early twenties. He stood tall. I'm not sure exactly how tall, because I'm rather short myself, but he must of been over six foot.  He had an authoratitive aura, and stood with confidence.  My original hope was that he was a doctor, but then I took in his appearance. Doctors did not wear black and silver over coats. The man had shimmering silver (not grey, silver!) hair that fell to just below his ears, and across his right eye. His eyes were a stunning violet colour and he wore a small smile on his lips. I was just about to shout at him and ask him who the hell he was and why he was smirking, when he beat me to it.

"Kelsey. I see you have awoken."  He addressed me in a calm manner. No shit sherlock, I'm awake, nice of you to notice, fancy filling me in on why I'm here? Or where exactly 'here' is? I thought to myself.  Not to mention why on Earth my eyes were suddenly blood red! I needed some answers here! The man standing in front of me chuckled. Why was he laughing at me? What did I do?! I must of pulled a funny face.
" Here, Kelsey, is a private hospital that I had you transferred to last week whilst you were still sleeping. " Wait. I must of said that outloud. Damnit. "You are here because it was too troublesomme to keep you in a public hospital. People might ask questions."
Too right they might ask questions! Like what the hell had happened to my eyes! Sorry, I understand I use the word hell way too much, but seriousl, what would you do?
"You mean like, why the hell my eyes are some creepy inhuman blood red colour that they never were before?!" I half shouted at him. He smiled and stepped closer.
"Kelsey," he said, " you're eyes will clam down soon. Your body is just getting used to the change. Sit down and I will explain." I tentitavely perched myself on the edge of the bed and awaited an explaination.

His violet eyes met mine and I felt a shiver travel down my spine. There was something about this man... something which made me believe I should fear him, yet I could not. I saw sudden compassion in his eyes. "You were dying Kelsey. Your fragile human body couldn't deal with the shock. So I did what I had to." Did what he had to? This really wasn't answering my questions. He sat next to me and rested his hand on my leg, making it tingle. He looked me back in the eye and sighed. "I changed you Kelsey. I did it. "

He did what?

The End

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