He did itMature

I look through the one way screen watching Kelsey get up and out of the bed. Her body had healed it's self which is just the results we were looking for.

I hear foot steps and watch heather walk down the hall way. Her hair is black like mine since we're twins but my eyes are an electric blue whilst hers are a jade green.

"She seems to be doing well" Heather mutters standing next to me and looking through at Kelsey.

"Yeah, I'm just glad he did it though. Other wise that girl would be a dead fish by now" I mutter.

"Jake, you shouldn't blame yourself when she ran on to the road, and stopped in front of the car" Heather says patting my shoulder.

"Yeah, well let's just stay glad he gave her the life gab" I mumble. Heather smiles then walks of down the corridor.

"Mum" Kelsey shouts. I let out a short nervous laugh, I remember this part the waking up wondering where you are?

I turn on my heels. It's best to let the boss deal with this part.

The End

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