Why's everything all white?Mature

Have you ever woke up in hospital? If you have, you'll know what I mean by everything being all white.  I struggled to open my eyes, fighting the droopyness of my heavy eyelids. I managed though finally, and noticed I was in a hospital bed. Everything was white and the brightness was making me wince. The strong putrid smell of antiseptic's was the second thing I noticed. It made me feel sick. Ickk. I hate hospitals. Wait! Why was I here?

Listening to the faint beeping of the machines around me, I tried to remember... looked around my hospital room for clues, but to no avail.  The only thing in this room was my bed, a chair and lots of machines which I didn't even seem to be hooked up to. The last thing I remembered was a boy. I remembered his face, and the concern on it. Then I remembered the car. Where was my mum? Why wasn't she here? Did she even know I was here?! I could've been asleep for weeks. All of these questions were not helping me get any answers.  I needed to know what had happened. The car hit me with so much force, so why was I not in any pain? And whose voice was it that I vaguely remember talking to me whilst I was sleeping? A name floated to my mind. Who was Heather?

The End

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