Shoot, I wasn't meant to hit herMature

Shoot, That went wrong. I looked down at the girls body and notice a crowd gathering. I stepped back through it.

I wasn't meant to hit her. I turn round and run knowing no one is watching me. Shoot, shoot, shoot. I run till I think I'm far enough away and yank out my phone. I dial the number and put the phone to my ear.

"Yes, Jake" comes the calm soft reply of my boss.

"I hit here" I hiss down the phone.

"I know Jake. Don't worry someone called an ambulance we're sending Heather in"

"Are you sure it's her? I mean she's not exactly the fighter like her dad" I ask.

"Yes, I'm sure. Do you doubt me Jake?"

"No" I reply. "It's just if she's gonna have to help us, we might have a lot of training up on our hands"

"Don't you remember how you were before her father, Dan got you out"

"Yeah, Dan was the best. I just hope this girl can live up to the expectations your giving her. Be back in 2 hours" I then snap the phone shut.

The End

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