The Start Of A ChangeMature


I walked into my tutor base and looked around at my class. Most of them, like me, looked half asleep. Those who didn’t, were talking excitedly about their weekend antics. Something about a party. I wouldn’t know. I wasn't invited. The problem with Monday mornings was that nobody had quite got over their weekend. They were either wishing it hadn’t ended or just babbling about it non stop. Oh, and we had double English first period. That was a problem too. I sat down in my usual seat next to Taylor Henderson. He was muttering something about an English assignment.

Oh Crap. I hoped that I’d remembered to put mine in my bag the night before. I’d put a lot of effort into it , you know. It was about a girl who accidently fell in love with her best friend. I searched my bag for the plastic folder that I'd remembered putting it in and sighed in relief when i found it. The buzz of students chattering around me suddenly fell quiet.

I looked up and saw our tutor, Miss Clarke, entering the room. She certainly knew how to silence a room of teenagers. I mean, I wasnt gay, at least, I didn't think I was, but I could tell you that Miss C was stunning. She was one of the younger teachers at our school, only about 26 years old, and that was one of the reasons she attracted so much attention among the students. The other reason was her amazing good looks. She had short spiky, jet black hair, a pale complexion and piercing green eyes. Her fashion sense was rather perky; a mix and match kinda chic, that’s how my mum would describe her. Most would just describe her as beautiful.

All the boys fancied her, the dykes wished she was queer, and the girls and girly gays just envied her. This, of course, meant that everybody listened when she spoke. The half-asleep class suddenly seemed wide awake as she called the register, each one cheerily replying "Yes, Miss C" when she called their names. What a contrast compared to Mr Hedges, the boring old man with hardly any hair on his head and that much nose hair that it looked like he had rodents living up his nose. The uptight so called "English expert" who put you in detention if you spoke without permission. The man who seemed to find it impossible to smile. What a difference. Oh, how we wished we could have HER for English!

But alas, English that day was not as bad as I had expected. "Good morning class, I hope that you all remembered your homework today... no one accidently fed it to their dog?" The old man standing at the front of the room looked around as though awaiting a response.  "No?  Well that’s a good start. If you would all please like to get out your equipment, then we shall begin". I blinked at Mr Hedges. Something seemed different about him, and let me tell you, that in it's self was unusual. Everything was always the same with Mr Hedges... day in, day out. So, sitting at my usual seat in the back corner of the room, I really couldnt work out why that wasn't the case today.Then it clicked. Somewhere in the back of my brain, I realised why he looked different, and when I did, it shocked me. He seemed happy; excited even! Okay, so he wasn’t beaming and jumping up and down... but he wasnt frowning either. There was a slight smile on his face and an odd twinkle in his eye. Now THAT was a rare occurrence.

"What d’ya know? Maybe the old man got a girlfriend" I thought to myself as he went to the filing cabinet at the front of the room and started rummaging around. 'Well', I thought to myself, 'good for him'. At least one of us was happy. I mean, okay, I wasn’t manically depressed, but I didn't have much to be overly happy about either. My life was just average. Probably more boring than average actually. I lived with my Mum, just the two of us, in a small white house, a few blocks away from the school. My dad had died when I was 12, from lung cancer. It had been just the two of us since. It was a hard time for us both, me and my mum, when dad died. Eventually, we moved house, and that’s how we ended up here, in Kingslow. A pretty boring town if you ask me. With a pretty boring school. But why would you ask me? I’m sure you’d rather hear it from the popular kids points of views. Anyway, school, for me, seemed pointless. A few kids who claimed to be my friends... and a hell of a lot of popular kids to ignore me.

Doodling on my notebook, I waited to find out what made Mr Grumpy so cheerful. After a few minutes of clattering at the front of the room, I had a page full of swirly hearts and butterflies, and our teacher seemed to have produced a pile of what looked like brochures. He addressed the class with a long forgotten smile on his face. "Yesterday, I learned of some very good news." There were a few groans, and a lot of puzzled expressions. He carried on. "As some of you might of heard, I am soon leaving the school to take up a position at a specialist writing school in the United States." I racked my brains for any prior knowledge of this. Nope. Nothing. Well, there had been a rumour that he was leaving, but most versions included a mental home.

There was a slight buzz of talking around the room. "No, no, children, that is not the exciting bit. Of course, when I am gone, there will have to be a replacement to teach you. We spent a while looking for somebody suitable, and I'm sure you’ll all be happy to know that we managed to get a hold of a very nice young man from Australia." There was more chattering, a few yawns and quite a few: "Wow. Big deal"’s. "Anyway... i think you might recognize his name, if i mention it. Kingsley Nightshade."



The classroom erupted into loud squeals and gasps. Kingsley Nightshade was one of THE best young adult authors in the WORLD. Aged in his late twenties, there had been talk in the media that he was taking to teaching... but at our school?! Everyone was in utter shock. "Yes, of course class, youre quite right, this is a big deal. I am leaving in 6 days, so the rest of our lesson today will be spent getting ready for the arrival of Mr Nightshade."

The rest of the class passed in a whir. The time was spent moving the classroom around, scrubbing desks and cleaning the white board. All of the cupboards were gone though and re organised and new text books and exercise books were handed out. After what only seemed like a short while, the bell went for break time. Break, as usual, passed without much excitement. I saw Beth, one of our little group of friends, and spoke to her about the whole deal in English. She didn’t seem too excited. I ate an apple, and then i headed to double science.

Double science was not a very interesting lesson, i spent most of it listening to Tyler ramble on about some football match I hadnt watched. The rest of it, I spent staring out of the window, watching two cats chasing each other around the school field. The lesson seemed to drag by slowly, but maybe that was because i was waiting for the bell. I had decided to go home at lunch. We only had double P.E last period, and in all fairness, I didnt really do anything anyway. If i went home early, then it meant i could continue working on my novel that i was writing imagine having the chance to get Kingsley to read it!


When the  bell for lunch finally rang, I went off to look for Beth. I guess you could say that she was the one in  our group that i was closest to, but i still wouldnt say that she was my best friend. I wandered through about four corridors before i found her. Or should i say, before she found me. "KELSEYYYYYYYY" Oh My God. What happened to her shirt?!? Being one of the only secondary schools in Britain with no uniform had its perks, but not when there were spillage accidents. "Look! It was all Jack White's fault! He spilt some red chemical down me.... and now look.!" Her facial expression was quite hysterical. I didn't quite know what to say. "You're going home at lunch, right?" I nodded. "I'll come too... steal one of your mum's shirts, she wont mind"  "Err, okay" is all i managed to say. I was torn between laughter and fear. I'd hate to see what Jack White looked like after this little incident.

We headed off to find the rest of our gang, to tell them where we were going. We had an hour for lunch, and I only lived two blocks away, so we had plenty of time. We found them sitting outside, in the sun, at a picnic bench. Our gang went like this: Me, Beth, Ally, Jakey, Will, and Alec. To be honest, i was never really close to any of them. Of course, they were cool with us going back to my house, so we decided to leave them to it. We started towards the main gates of our school. Our campus was quite a big one, so this involved us walking through several departments , a small picnic field, and across the carpark. There was a path around the edge, but in reality, it just wasted time.  The gates to our school were like those big, iron, rusty things you see in horror movies. I always found it strange, how modern our school was, considering how old fashioned it looked. The gates were never shut at lunchtime, so that we could go home if we needed to. They opened out onto a small road.

The same road that me and my mum drove down every morning. Not a very busy road at lunchtimes... only before and after school. Most of the time, there was no reason for people to be driving down it at all. This day was no different.  A few cars slowly made their way down the road, so we waited for them to pass. Then, when they had all gone, I began to run acoss the road. I always ran across that road, because it was quite a wide one, and i didnt like the time it took me to cross it. Several cars could zoom your way in that time. I got about halfway across and realised that Beth wasn't following. I turned round to look at her and tell her to hurry up. The look on her face confused me. It looked like shock. Or maybe fear. But why?

I soon found out. Coming towards me at a riduculously fast speed was a big black jeep. I tried to get out the way before it could hit me. I failed. The impact of the hit sent me flying, and i remember thinking to my self as i made contact with the ground: "This is it, I'm gonna die" . I could feel myself slide across the hot tarmac of the road and I tried to ignore the searing pain ripping through my body. I heard Beth scream: "No, Kelsey, No!" I heard the screech of tyres and scurrying of feet. I looked up and was suprised to see a boy about my age looking down at me. I had never seen him before. He had chocolate brown hair with a cute little fringe covering one of his eyes. He was wearing a band teeshirt of some kind, and he was looking at me as though he was extremely worried. I tried to speak, but no sound came out. I tried to move, but my body refused. The boy looking down at me frowned. "You're going to be okay" he said, kneeling down at my side and moving my hair out of my face. That was the last thing I heard. Then, it all went black.

The End

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