Series of Shocks

"Indeed you have."

This man... Boy who was sat behind the desk could have been no more than 26 years old.  He had soft curled hair, a shiny blonde. His milky brown eyes shone like thick chocolate and he seemed to be well toned. A girl slouched back on her hands sort of lay on the desk. She had sleek winter brown hair to her mid-back and she was wearing a fluffy angora jumper and black trousers. Clunky high heels hung off her feet, but with a second look... no way... They were from DKNY! No way!

"Where is the... owner of this place?"

"I am." The blonde beauty smiled translucently.

"Okkkayy. I'm new. What do I do?"



"Ahh Rebbeca."

He used his buzzer machine.

"Eleanor? Could you come to my office?"

A soft voice crackled back.

"Sure thing Chief."

I puzzled over Chief.


"An affectionate title. You can call me Will or whatever. No Sir.. Euughh to Formal, I prefer a sort of casual tone. So your loss? I'm so sorry about the tragedy you are facing.If theres anything i can do...?"


But at that moment a girl who must have been Eleanor strolled through the door. I thought she would be a geeky frump in a swayed skirt and blouse. But Christ Alive no. She wore a red vest top and biker jacket with studs. Her mini skirt just streched over her bum and her six inches looked excruitiating but she chewed her gum and strolled in her shoes like she had been since she was two.

"Bex? Can I call you Bex?"

My mum used to call me that.

"Sure" I said in an inaudible whisper.

"Bex, this is your new buddy."


The End

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