As if my life wasn't bad enough.

I am now attending Carsiles Boarding School for over 13's. Well at least I wouldn't get any stick from Eenie Weenies... I think.

"Bex darling I would have you myself if I could but I have to respect your mother. Besides Chiquana is enough for me, let alone her sisters. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You have mine and Chiquana's contact so do not hesitate. And if you get holidays, Chiquana could come or you could visit for a couple of days."

Chiquana's mum carried on patting her black curls. Chiquana was my best friend and as much as I loved her, I always thought her mum's hair was a strange combination with her skin. Her smooth dark skin was still recovering from adolescent acne but her hair was sleek, teased into curls. Within seconds, her hands could whip her hair into a perfect chignon.

Although Chiquana and I practically runned Malibu, her mum was sometimes mistaken for her sister.

The warm sweet scent of the house was painfully familiar and I swallowed back the lump that was stuck in my throat.

"Chiquana darling say your last goodbyes. It's ten and the train leaves soon."

Oh god. This was what i'd been dreading since last Wednesday.

"Oh Bex, I can't even begin to describe how I feel. I just want to say... omigod..."

"Chi, it's fine. I'll visit. Seriously you need to breathe, Literally."

I gushed it out, breathless and although I wanted to be reassuring, I was hyperventilating too.

"It's really time to go now. I'm so sorry. I truly am."

Our hug broke and I turned and started to walk away. I clutched the heart necklace we each had half of, only because I felt like I had left the other half behind. But deep down, I knew I had.

The End

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