Curious Corridors

After clacking up another three staircases,
Eleanor began peering at doors with a gold plated number on each. The building
in which we stood was deceivingly large as each floor had seven doors on each
floor, each identical apart from the number set in gold. Light, airy, pristine.

"You are in..." She spoke in
monosyllables as she shuffled through multiple papers. "Room 64"

She strode towards a door on the left side of the
staircase and paused.

"Mkay... This is where we part was due to a privacy
policy that Chief introduced to keep everyone happy. No entering anyone else’s
room unless you are invited." She continued brightly. "Any other
questions you can always go to reception, Chiefs door is always open. He's lovely so
don't worry."

She doesn't let me get a word in edgeways before
she hands me a cream carrier and clacks off down the stairs. I tried the door
and abruptly juddered to a hold. Realising its locked, I started to fumble
around in my bag for a key and automatically tilted my head to the side.
Glancing out of the window at the far end of the corridor, I noticed a glimmer
of light and walked the length of the carpet, cradling the key with my right

I tiptoed and pressed my forehead up to the glass
to get a closer look at the ground. Unbelievable. They have a pool. And not
just any grotty old pool with racing lines. A proper blue pool with gleaming
grout and a pump system. With one last disbelieving glance, I started to head
towards room 64.

The End

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