Distinctive Dorms

Eleanor tottered insanely quickly through the wide, airy corridors and make soft padding noises on the creamy carpet.

 "Oh!" Eleanor exclaimed "I am such a stupid dweeb! I know this sounds really rude but could you change your shoes please?"

I flicked my gaze to my feet pondering what could be wrong with my crimson fleurs. "E-E-excuse me?!"

"It's just that we all have indoor and out door shoes.... You see?" Eleanor glanced at my perplexed expression and continued in a husky voice. "You don't see? Okay. Well this is our home, so we keep our shoes indoor and outdoor so the carpets stay lush and fluffy."

Looking down at the carpets, it just dawned on me that they had not greyed at all and still had a sheeny look. In fact, despite the pile being slightly flat, it looked brand new! We continued down the corridor and I couldn't help admiring the pristine condition of the building.

"So.... How many students do you have here?" I questioned. Eleanor seemed to ponder this for a moment and then replied.

"Probably about 90-100, about 45 girls and the rest boys. It's quite exclusive but you don't get the whole clique problem. We are all like one big clique, although I wouldn't say family because people date within the school."

"Oh, right. So getting to know people should be easy?" Eleanor had begun to clack up some stairs but she turned her head slightly to answer.

"Definately. I'm just taking you up to your dorm now and we'll get you settled in and sorted out."

I was worried about going to my first lesson and not knowing anyone and to be honest, the thought made me feel slightly queasy.

"Okay. When should I go to my first lesson?" Pausing at the top of the staircase, Eleanor seemed confused by what I had just said and stayed silent, looking at me as if I was an alien.

"Well, you won't have one until at least tommorow." she continued along a short passage and then started to escalate once more, her shoes making soft indents on every step. This place seemed absurd but yet somehow blissfully perfect.

The End

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