Chapter 13 - Flashback Pt 1Mature

You had just been dragged to live in New York City. Most people would be happy, it’s New York City. You had had a chance to look around to get to know where you’d be living from now on. Everything annoyed you; the vile smells, the disgruntled people, the disheartened noise. You’re mum’s boyfriend, Tony, had been offered a better job here and even though it would mean he’d have to leave you and your mom here, you would cope. You even had organised a ‘going-away’ party for him. So it was understandable why when you found out there was no need for the party, you were confused, even more so when they gave you the plane ticket to New York City; One way. There was nothing you could do. It was a done deal. You had to say goodbye to California.

You knew it would be hard, going to a new school and such. But starting half way through the year was going to be your own personal hell. You weren’t exactly positive that the other students would be welcoming and happy to have you. Other New Yorkers proved you right about that. You stuck out like a sore thumb and you guess they didn’t appreciate it.

Surprisingly, you managed to get some sleep, regardless of how nervous you were. You still felt tired, but you just put that down to the fact you were home sick. The weather contributed strongly to the depressing attitude you had today. The rain hit the window panes as if to try and attack you. You sigh. You missed the sun gently kissing your skin, as if to thank you for just being outside.

You run to your car, opening it in a mad panic to avoid the rain, and drove to your new school; Walkers High School.

The End

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