Chapter 12Mature

You are woken by the sun blinding your eyes and the sound of your alarm flooding the apartment. You realise students go back to school today. Shit. You turn the TV off and run to the bathroom. If the sun woke you up, it had to be around 8am. School starts at 8:30, and it was a good 20 minute walk. To drive around in New York was pointless and a newbie mistake you soon learnt. Unless you had a lot of bags, or the destination was too far to walk or cycle. The traffic was slower than an old lady walking with a stick, especially at 8am.

You open your wardrobe, grabbing the only thing available; a short flower jump-suit and wedges. Not the most practical outfit to wear to teach. You did the washing last night, to make sure you had clean, appropriate clothes to wear today. You didn’t have time to give it much more thought so you went to get started on your hair and make-up. Again, nothing was there. No brushes, no hair grips, no foundation. Something was not right here.  If you were robbed, why would they only take your clothes, hair products and make-up? You felt so puzzled and confused. Maybe you were dreaming? Well you hoped so because the clock was proudly displaying 8:15am. Fuck, why didn’t the alarm go off sooner? Everything was weird today and you really didn’t like that.

Finally dressed and still half asleep, you close the front door behind you, hearing the automatic lock click, and start to jog, in wedges, to Walkers High School. The same school you once went to; with Mike.

The End

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