Chapter 11Mature

As you entered your apartment, you notice how empty it feels, even though it was filled with large, comfy furniture. You couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. It was Monday. Monday was take-out night with Mike. Shit. Well you guess that tradition will be over now and that sucked. But there is nothing you could do. Calling him up, saying sorry and to just forget all about today was not an option anymore.

You headed towards your bathroom. The thought of the boiling hot water hitting your naked body just seemed perfect right now. You notice your phone flashing red; 8 messages.  You hit play, and as soon as you do you hear the same husky voice.

                “Hi, T? Please call me back. We need to talk about today. I shouldn’t of walked away. That was a douche move. We’ve both had time to think about everything. Just, please call me back. Mike”

Wow… You’d think he’d give you some time.

                “Luluah? I know you will have come home by now, please just call me back?”

                “Okay, this is stupid. You can’t ignore me. We’ve been friends for 6 years, we can’t let something little like this ruin what we have. Call me.”

Still listening you get into the shower, turning the knob to boiling hot. You instantly feel a sense of relief. The way the water seemed to caress your body, every contour, always relaxes you. Now you just wish you could block out Mike’s voice and his stupidity.

                “Tallulah Jenkins. Don’t ignore my calls. You know we need to speak so just call me back. I won’t give up.”

You can’t relax. Today has just been too stressful and you’re starting to feel numb. You turn off the shower, through an old stretched T-shirt on and go to curl up on the sofa whilst the messages continue to fill your quiet apartment.

                “Hi Tallulah, it’s Mummy here. Just calling to see how you are. Haven’t heard off you in a while and was starting to get worried. James is coming over this weekend with Sally and the kids. Just thought I’d let you know and invite you over. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen us and we miss you. I’ll try you again tomorrow anyway. Love you Hunny. Oh also, Mike called. Have you two fallen out? I hope not Tallulah. I like Mike…”

Sleep engulfs you and the message fades into silence. 

The End

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