Chapter 10Mature

You just stare at this piece of paper. What else could you do? The person who has not 20 minutes denied your feelings and proposition, has now left you a message for any sense and so you sigh, helplessly, if it was up to you right now , you’d call him straight away, apologise profusely and take back what you said because you’re friendship is more important than some silly little feelings you have for him which over time, will fade into non-existance. That would be what he’s thinking too. But you had decided once he walked away, you weren’t going to be a push over anymore. He made his choice and he has made your choice too. Whilst you get into your car, you let the note fall into the muddy left over from the rain yesterday. There was no point in you keeping hold of it, you didn’t want it and didn’t like the effect it was having on you.

You pull into your car park space, quiet relieved that you don’t have to ask the guy in 4B to move his girlfriend’s stupid smart car. At least something had gone in your favour today. This guy looked like a 20 year old douche-bag, whilst his girlfriend looked about 17; both ‘arrogant little shits’, as you often described them as to your work colleges. It didn’t help when they had sex; it sounded like a fight between a whale and an ape. You never thought it was possible to sound like that.

Being on the fifth floor had its advantages. You were able to watch the sunset curled up on your sofa, and watch the sun rise magnificently from your room.  You really did get lucky finding this apartment. A lot of people had turned it down because at the time, the elevator didn’t work, so it meant walking up five flight of stairs. You didn’t mind that much though, it gave you the exercise you needed. You often frowned at the young adults in this building for using the elevator to go up a few floors carrying a pizza box and a 6 pack of Stella.

The End

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