Chapter 9Mature

You feel the warmth of your tears steadily make their way down your cheeks. He’s gone. You had always thought that he’d at least give the idea of being together a try. The 6 years of friendship haven’t been easy for you. Especially when every ex has gone a tad crazy, always making sure they always bitched about him to everyone and anyone who would listen, especially to his new girlfriends. Double Standards you guess.

You feel your phone vibrate in your bag. It’ll be Sammie asking how it all went. As much as you love Sam, you knew she’d want to meet up and get all the gossip and bitch about Mike. Right now, you just felt like going home and curling up to watch a good movie. No social interaction. No effort to be social. Sam was the type of girl who would always make you feel better about your choices, and you knew she’d blame Mike completely about this. But it was your fault. Your fault for actually believing he would want something more with you.

As you open your car door, you notice a piece of paper underneath one of your window wipers. You pull the paper, thinking it’ll just be another leaflet about the carnival this weekend. Instead, the familiar writing caught your eye, making your heart pound.

                ‘I’m sorry. Call me when you get home. We need to talk. M x x x’

The End

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