Chapter 8Mature

You never did tell him it’s one of the reasons why you go to this spot, even though it is at least two miles long.

                “Tallulah! Will you pay attention for once?!” At his point, Mike’s stopped walking and you look around to find him a few metres behind you.

                “What? You’ve made it clear you don’t want to be in a relationship with me. Whatever the stupid reason.” You snap. It’s not fair. He shouldn’t be getting angry with you, it’s his fault after all. If he had never kissed you and confessed he had feelings for you, you both wouldn’t be in this situation.

                “Oh for God’s sake. Grow up. You’re 24. You should know that acting like a spoilt brat will get you nowhere. Just act like an adult.” You hear the click of his lighter. It was a bad habit, once a shared habit.

                “Me? I’m the one who wants an actual relationship! Not this stupid friends-with-benefits crap we’ve been doing!” You stand closer to him now. He really knows how to push your buttons.

                “We are not friends-with-benefits!”

You pause. This isn’t going anywhere, at least not now with both of you being frustrated and angry.

                “You’re right. We aren’t friends-with-benefits.”

This stops him from lighting his cigarette. You see his face relax, as a smile slowly forms on his lips.

“Good Lu. You know we are more than that. We love -”

                “No. We are nothing. You don’t want what I want and I’m not going to wait around, hoping that one day you might wake up realising how good we’d be together.” You push his arms away, leaving him confused. You see everything process on his face.

                “Lu, Don’t do this. Please. You know you don’t want this. I don’t want this.” You can hear the sadness ooze from his voice.

                “I want a proper, committed relationship. You don’t. I don’t see why I have to compromise just to stay in a situation I don’t want to be in anymore.” You stand tall and hold your ground, looking him straight in the eyes. You feel the tears starting to form so you shut your eyes, and take a deep breathe. Be calm.

You wait for a reply. You wait to hear a ‘Okay’, ‘I don’t want to lose you’, ‘Let’s try it out’, anything. But the only sound you can hear is the crunch of footsteps getting quieter until it’s eerily silent. When you open your eyes, all you are greeted with are the green bushes. He’s gone.

The End

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