Chapter 7Mature

It was one of the days when you went on walks together, to help clear your minds and catch up. His girlfriend, Katherine and himself had just ended their relationship so this was one of those occasions.  The fact you had one another to be alone with, helped to deal with thoughts that wouldn’t fix themselves. This occasion was different. Mike had decided to end the relationship. He said he just wasn’t as happy as he could be, and the more he thought about it, the more it made sense to just end it. You had seen Katherine the day after he broke up with her and if looks could kill, you would have been dead on the spot. She always seemed like such a lovely person, a good girlfriend for Mike. She, however, didn’t have the same opinion for you, you found out. You believe ‘Home-wrecker’ was one of her favourite choices to use.

You both were walking over the lake, you in front of course. You had jumped down off the ledge and looked back to make sure Mike hadn’t fallen into the swampy water. Instead of seeing him a few metres back, or even in the lake, you felt something heavy jump onto you, causing you to fall backwards through a brush and crashing onto the soft grassy ground.

                “You alright there Lu?” Mike had asked, trying to act all sympathetic and kind, standing up so to get a good look at you lying on the ground with the confused look upon your face.

“What, the actual fuck?” It took a second for you to register what had happened, and once you did, you couldn’t help but chuckle yourself. Typical Mike.

He extended one of his arms to you, still laughing at your misfortune. Once you had managed to get back to standing, you started to fix your dress and brush the dirt off it. Mike’s hand on your head had startled you, nearing forcing you to fall over again from the surprised touch. That time, he grabbed you and pulled you in close to him. Realising how close you both were, you felt your cheeks go red. Smooth. Instead of him moving, he held on tighter to you, so you were forced to look up at him. Staring intently into each other's eyes, it was definitely a moment which if you saw on telly, would have to change the channel, just due to how it would make you cringe, badly. He lifted his hand to stroke your now guessing tomato red cheeks, just before he learns in and kissed you, so soft and sweet. Typical Mike.

The End

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