Chapter 5Mature

“Tallulah. How long have you felt like this?” Mike asked, no emotion in his voice or his face.

                “Oh. Not long. Well, no. I guess I’ve always felt like this. I’m not the type of girl who is laid back about this sort of thing. I like knowing where I stand with people. I like reassurance.” You look down and start to fiddle with anything; your fingers, the hem of your dress, your hair, anything. Why is he making you so nervous? This should just be straight forward.

“I do love you Lu. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before. I don’t know why, or how, but we just click. This past year has definitely been different…”

“But” You sigh. How is this happening? This isn’t meant to happen.

“…But… I can’t do it. People poke their noses into relationships too much now-a-days. And if they do and cause arguments, I’d lose my best friend as well as a girlfriend. There is just too much at risk of being lost. I’m not prepared to be in a committed relationship. With anyone. I’m sorry.” Mike’s eyes never leave yours, you can feel it.

This can’t be happening. After 18 months, is he really going to do this? He’s being a coward now. You can feel the rage building up. 

The End

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