Chapter 3Mature

A dog’s bark suddenly jolts you back into reality and you realise you’ve been staring off in the distance once again. Mike’s smile had now disappeared completely. You reach for his hand and smile, to try and reassure him, He smiles back, but you know he isn’t reassured at all. But how could he be, when you’ve hardly said a sentence and keep drifting off.

Sighing, you realise it’s cruel to not explain yourself to him. But where do you start? You guess to just bite the bullet and ask him outright.

                “What are we doing Mike?” You avoid eye-contact as you ask this, knowing he’ll reply with an obvious statement.

                “Well, you’ve summoned me to this park, and I’ve been waiting for you to explain what is going on.” He chuckles as he says this. He always knew how to enlighten a situation.

                “You know what I mean Mike. I can’t do this anymore.” You finally look at him and you can see, he was dreading this question. This was a bad idea. 

The End

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