Chapter 2Mature

“Guess who.”

                “Hmm Father Christmas?”

                “In August? Try again.”

                “A lepricorn!” You chuckle, knowing the reaction you’ll get.

                “Hey! I’m not Irish.” His voice filled with hurt, only to try and get sympathy.

The light from the sun blinds you as his hands leave your face. You sigh. Today was an important day. It would be the day that would change how you both interacted with each other. Today was the day for change.

                “So, you said you wanted to talk to me?” His smile could convince anyone and everyone, apart from you. His eyes always gave him away. They showed he was nervous and a bit worried. You rarely called him to meet at the park, on a Monday afternoon. For this reason, he always felt on edge whenever you mentioned going to the park, because it never meant anything good. You, however, found it relaxing. When the sun came out, it illuminated everything. The beauty apparent within everyday life went unnoticed to those always rushing around, not taking their time to look at the scene before them. Unfortunately, New York was filled with thousands of people like this; career-focused zombies. You pitied those who never took the time to breathe in the wondrous beauty that surrounded them. The way the wind dancing with the leaves to give a soft rustle-like sound or how the roses and daffodils swayed, as if trying to avoid the insects trying to take their pollen.

You loved to sit on the third bench along, to just close your eyes and let nature engulf you fully. You liked it because it was exactly the opposite to being a middle school teacher. Constantly surrounded by noise, anger and fast-paced situations took its toll on you. Everyone who worked there had their own place or thing to do to help them relax. You were just thankful you found something so close to your flat and didn’t charge large amounts of money. 

The End

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