"I guess I could get into bed and enjoy a little companionship."

Even if he didn't know exactly who she was, there was no harm in enjoying her company.  Perhaps after he'd rested a little, they could get to talking and get to the bottom of this mess that was Travis' life.

Travis, a little spooked about the whole idea of getting into bed with a strange woman, decided the best thing to do was keep it clean.  She stays on her side, I stay on mine, he thought.  Better safe than sorry, was always Travis' motto.  They chatted comfortably for a few minutes until Travis drifted off into a sound sleep; the best he'd had in quite a long time.

When he awoke, he was determined to get his life straightened away.  He would find out who this lovely Sarah was and then find out how to banish the pink submarines, and slugs out of his life for good. (At the very least, he would learn to ignore them...yes, that would do it.)

"Ahem..." He made small throaty noises in an attempt to rouse the sleeping woman. "A-a-ahem,"  No luck.  She was like a log, the covers pulled right up over her head so just the golden shine from her hair on the top of her head could be seen.  Travis got up and pulled on his housecoat, (checking the pockets to be sure nothing hid there such as a hand grenade, or a large diamond or something else of that nature.)  making as much noise as possible while bustling about the room.

He stopped for a moment; he thought he heard her stir.  When he listened very closely he could discern a distinct sound; low but steady.  It almot sounded....sounded like....purring?

"Sarah?" Travis ventured a little closer and reached for the covers.

Jsut then, Sarah began to sit up, the covers slowly falling away from her golden....fur.

"Aaack!" This was Travis' primary response.  He plastered himself against the far wall and shut his eyes as tight as he could in the hopes that the african lioness sitting on his bed would be gone by the time he opened them.  That was his second response.  When he opened them, the beautiful and fearsome lion was still there.  This is when Travis ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him, into the middle of the hall of his apartment building, where he, decidedly, fainted.

The End

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