Travis heads back to his apartment: "I would take a nap but there seems to be a strange woman in my bed."

Well out on the street, Travis starts for the train station in his typical I have-alot-on-my-mind-and-I'm-kinda-disoriented walk. He didn't seem to notice the fact that people were noticing him, though. As if it would've mattered. Or maybe it would.. any form of attention is good, right? Not that Travis needed attention, nono. What he needed, was love. Ever since his mother had strangled herself infront of him when he was a child, no one had really understood him. He found ways to cope with his celibatory lifestile though.. ways that he'd rather not think about, not that he could, anyway, his not-imaginary-very-real friend Ivarts kept such thoughts well hidden in the castle beneath the mountain.

Suddenly, Travis found himself in his depraved apartment, not even remembering the ride home. Unconcerned, he walked into the bathroom for some hygenic toothbrushing. 15 minutes later, teeth all white and sparkly (and gums bloody), Travis decided to catch up on a little sleep, who knew when he had last gotten some?

He quickly found his sleeping pills and shoved them down with a nice warm beer. Stifling a yawn, he clumsily moved towards the bedroom, and entered..

Chockingly, a half-naked woman was lying in his bed. With wide watery eyes, Travis manically exclaimed;


The End

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