life is too good

Why is it when someone finaly realizes what they done it hurts to bare that knowledge, but when your okay with that
knowledge people think your something that your really not. i know how it feels i've been victim to many things like it but
the funny part is i dont mind. I dont mind because i have friends that i know will always have my back no matter how far the
leap is they will always be there for me. Its a funny feeling though when the support your back was on for many years just
turns a new side and rips everything away.But how do you take away everything someone has if that person doesnt have
anything to beggin with.The main issue with everything is when you rip the main collomn of any building or structure it is
going to collapse, the one way to keep it standing is to quickly put that collumn back. But if every structure stands
for a long time being built on it will eventually get too much weight and collapse on its own.
when i finally reached the point where reality was too important to ignore i had already ran down the wrong path
but say i had a chance to start anew, change everything i messed up on, or even given the perfect life if i started anew,
i wouldnt take that chance because i know that the freends and people i have met, i would have to give up and i would never
do that because they are better than having a perfect life because to me my friends have gave me the perfect life.
people could say i dont take advantage of the talents and knowledge that i was given
but i really dont care the problem is i have no point in using it, solving basic equations or even wrighting a small essay,
people say using good talents require the determination to use properly, i say it differently, i say to use your knowledge
requires a basic thought to what that person wants to do and to go with that because you honestly can only have one life and
its better to not let what you have go because you dont realize what you had until its gone.

The End

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