Chapter IV - AAA

Damon watched quietly as Seito drank the water down before resuming cutting the wood.  It was strange to watch such an elegant and wealthy man to be down here, mingling with him, a mere commoner.  He took in the long, beautiful, silver locks that were tied back into a ponytail so they stayed out of the young lord’s face.  Damon felt enraptured.  He bit his lip and turned his head away.

“Your girlfriend,” that smooth velvet voice broke the silence “what is she like?”

Damon blinked as Seito offered him the axe to take his turn in chopping.  He took the worn handle, running his fingers across the wood.

“She’s…pretty,” he said as he lifted the axe “Talks a bit too much but I don’t really mind.”

He swung the axe down and split the log in half.  He grimaced softly.

“Is something the matter?” Seito asked.

Damon shook his head.

“It’s nothing,” he said “It’s just that she’s been asking when I’m going to propose to her.”

“And when are you going to?”

Another log was split in half as soon as it was placed in front of Damon.  The woodcutter sighed and shrugged helplessly.

“I don’t know, I don’t have enough money to buy an engagement ring,” he said “Dakota has an expensive taste, you see.”

“Then why, not meaning to offend you, why is she your girlfriend?”

Damon paused and tilted his head.  Why was Dakota his girlfriend?  They barely had anything in common.  He looked up at the sky thoughtfully then remembered the time they first met.

“She liked me for my looks,” he said “She wants beautiful children so she searched for a handsome man that wasn’t out of her league.”

“I see…”

Damon glanced and caught the distant look Seito held in his face.  He looked down at the forest ground then sighed.

“Her dad is quite wealthy,” he explained “It would benefit me if I did marry into the family, I wouldn’t have to struggle so much during winter.”

Seito folded his arms and hummed.  He regarded Damon as he chopped another log.

“Let me give you enough money for the winter, then you might not have to marry her at all.”

Damon gave him a bewildered glance.  Was the lord really offering to support him financially?

The End

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