Leave and go tell your supervisor.

Ew! This is so gross! And, yeah, he says they trust him here, and that he'll tell if I don't do it, but what if I tell first?

"MINDY!" I call into my walkie-talkie. "Yep?" "Can I speak to you in the back room please?" I ask. "Be there in a sec."

"Okay, what's wrong?" Mindy asks, filing her nails. "Well, I have a problem with Jeremy. He's trying to make me take his shift cleaning up barf in aisle 4. That's not supposed to happen!" Mindy looks up from her nails and sizes me up. "I know you're new here, Venice, but at Harold Johnson, teamwork is one of our virtues. So when someone asks for help, you help them. Got that?" She glares. "Yes." I squeak.

The End

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